Unity Puzzle Game

Inspired by an ancient myth

Duo developer

I worked toghetter with 1 other developer. We made most systems toghetter, itterating over each other's improvements.

Simple core mechanics turned into complex interactions

There are only two things the player can do with the blocks. Move them, or melt them. Due to how we made certain blocks meltable but not movable, or vice versa, or made blocks able to melt other blocks, the puzzles get complex, quickly.

Story based

I contacted a voice actor that had previously showed interest in working with me. He recorded the voice lines that you can hear in-game, which tell a story, while simultaniously explaining the game mechanics. Subtitles are also included.

Making a book

Thanks to special post processing shaders, I managed to make the game look like as if it was played inside of a book, with pages turning when a different level is loaded, further emphasizing the story elements of the game.

Level creation tools

I created a simple in-editor level designer to speed up the level creation progress, allowing us to create many levels in quick succession.

Sound effects

I recorded sound effects for walking on the different surfaces in the game, which are set up via a "Sound Cue" system, where a call to play the Cue will randomly select an audio file from the files in the Cue and play that, for a more naturally sounding game.

Outdid the competition

This project was voted the best project among all the competing projects made by other students that year.

Source code