Ingmar M. van Busschbach

Ingmar Matthis

UE4 Game Developer & Shader Artist

About me

My name is Ingmar van Busschbach. I am a 20 years old Dutch Game Development student.

I started developing my language skills around the time I turned 7. Thanks to vacations abroad, movies and online gaming, I now speak fluent Dutch, German and English. Fun quote, my German examiner asked me whether I had family in North-Germany as he could not distingsuish my accent from a native one during my exams.

During high school, I became interested in the Game Design study at Buas in Breda after trying making some games in Unreal Engine in my free time. Sadly, I did not yet have a suitable portfolio yet at the time, so I went for a diffrent carreer path: music teacher. I became an assistant-teacher during my school's music classes, but found out that music teacher was not the right job for me.

Because of that, I decided to switch back to the path of Game Design by studying Game Devlopment at Mediacollege Amsterdam. I have been there for three years now and I have aquired many skills. Once I complete this study, I plan on going back to Breda with this portfolio.

During my study I started branching out to other specializations. Trying shader development and technical art, which turned out to be really interesting to me. I have worked on a lot of complex shaders during my projects and really enjoy giving my games unique looks.

Thanks to this interest, I got really good at motivating myself to work hard. I do not mind doing the boring work if it means I get an interesting end result.

In my CV webpage you can find my skillsets in comparison to each other.