WIP Team project

I am part of a small development team, making a voxel based vehicle build-and-fight game in Unity. My role is shader developer, sound engineer and level designer.

Inspired by Robocraft

This game is inspired by an old build-and-fight game called Robocraft, where simple yet highly technical building mechanics allow you to build a large variety of vehicles, ranging from cars to spiderbots and planes.

Block based physics

Every part runs its own physics progress, where each component affects the vehicle seperately, meaning movement component placement matters when trying to make your vehicle perform optimally.

Level Design

I am responsible for the level design, making custom shaders for the Ice, rocks and terrain. The terrain is layered between 4 different possible textures to add variety, and a paint brush can be used to switch between them.

This project is very work in progress and does not have much to show to the public yet.