Recreating World of Warcraft

Vertical Slice in Unreal

Duo developer

I worked toghetter with 1 other developer. We made most systems toghetter, itterating over each other's improvements. My teammate had no earlier experience with unreal engine.

No artists

Through WoW Model Viewer, we obtained the 3d models, animations, textures and sound effects.

Melee combat system

The player has the option to use 3 different abilities from the Monk. Each has their own cooldown they all affect one another.

Animation triggers

The attack animations trigger all kinds of stuff, ranging from when the damage is dealt, in case of interrupts, to particle and sound effects.

AI Enemies

The AI has its own behaviour. It was written without behaviour tree. They will respond to attacks and have their own attacks, similar to the player. They also have damage resistances to different attack types.

UE4 Graphics

We decided to purposefully upgrade the graphics quality for this project, by making use of Unreal Engine's powerful rendering systems.

Texture maps

For the player, I made an upscaled albedo texture with AI, a metallic map, a roughness map and a normal map using Photoshop.

Contrast Shader

I created more depth through contrast shaders. They amplify the shadows that were baked in the origional textures. Either through amplified emissive, or reflectivity.

Source code